The Restoration Project

From August 2022, National Operations Network will donate $10 for every Hikvision camera installed to “The Restoration Project“.

The Restoration Project is a Mental Health Awareness and Drug and Alcohol Education and Prevention Service specializing in lived experience keynote speaking, family support, rehabilitation referral, and intervention guidance.

Mark, the founder of The Restoration Project, share’s his harrowing story and path to recovery. Some of the topics covered include anxiety, self-esteem, depression, alcohol, narcotics, gambling, resilience, determination, and rehabilitation. Mark launched The Restoration Project to help educate people about mental health, substance abuse’s challenges and finding hope through adversity.

“I suffered from poor mental health from an early age. I suffered from anxiety, low self-esteem, and depression. At the time, I did not understand what I was struggling with. In my early 20s, I binge drank every weekend and started experimenting with illicit drugs. I became addicted and suffered for eight years.” My life spiralled out of control and reached depths where I thought I would never return. However, I sought rehabilitation and set about my recovery. “My story is raw and powerful and breaks all the stigmas associated with mental health and addiction.

I wish to deliver hope to families and people who are suffering. I wish to educate the youth about the dangers of alcohol and narcotics and the effect they can have on your life;

Mark is an established presenter and is sought after in the addiction and mental health space and has played a role in many people turning their lives around and living proof that nothing is impossible if you don’t give up.

Mark has presented with multiple organisations, including Kurnai College, ACSO, Latrobe Drug Action Team. (LDAT) Latrobe Youth Space, Coability, Maxima, Bakers Delight, Wellington Local Drug Action Team, Traralgon FNC, Rosedale FNC, Gormandale FNC, TTU FNC and Warragul Industrials FNC, amongst many others.

Mark is now 7 years clean and is the General Manager of Operations of a local disability employment provider in Gippsland and runs his own successful business. Mark is living proof that rock bottom can become the solid foundation on which you can rebuild your life.

Mark’s story is one of hope and inspiration about his journey through drug addiction and rehabilitation.

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