West Traralgon Scout Hall

Project: Traralgon West Scout Hall 

Client: Traralgon West Scouts

Client Challenge: Client had no security system onsite. They had a large number of vandalism and also attempted break ins – therefore wanted to increase the security.

Our Solution: Hi Look CCTV cameras for the outside to ensure capture of images and playback allowed to apprehend offenders. Also, Bosch 6000 alarm system was used as a deterrent shall an break and enter happen along with allowing for reportability of entering/exiting the property.

Result: Client is now able to feel comfortable that the place has eyes all the time and allow for viewing and a later date along with deterrent and knowing if something has happened with the alarm in the case of the event.

Time Frames: 2 Days from start to finish.


Client Comments: Very professional, easy to talk to office people, quick in getting quotes and well explained. Installation very efficiently done and operation explained so I could understand. Very friendly people. Exactly what I asked for and cameras better than I thought. I would recommend National Operations Network.