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Whether you already have a gate and looking to automate or you require a complete fabrication and installation, look no further than National Operations Network as your service partner. We won’t settle for less or deliver below standard to our clients, regardless of the price.

We are the go-to dealer for all your gate automation needs, from conventional designs to smart gates; access does not have to be complicated.

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What is a gate automation service?

Gate automation service is an innovative way to enter or exit or prevent unwarranted entry conveniently and securely. These gate solutions include swing, sliding, and electric gates with various controls for commercial, residential, or government-owned restricted areas.

Automated gates use electric motors connected to a power supply, such as an electric outlet, solar panels, or batteries, to control the opening and closing of the gate.

At National Operations Network, our automation gate solutions employ the latest technology, equipment, and a certified team to deliver unimaginable services to you.

Why do you need a gate automation service?

Firstly, it is convenient. Imagine returning home late at night, exhausted, and all you need to do is press a button on your remote in your car, drive-through, and tap again. Isn’t that incredible?

Secondly, they are durable and beautifully crafted to add appeal and finesse to your home. National Operations Network uses materials like aluminium, iron, steel, and wood to create unique gates suited for your property.

They have added security measures that you cannot toy with. Automated gates prevent easy break-ins or hacks into the control unit.

Some of the gates we provide include:

Sliding Gates

These gates operate on a track system and do not need plenty of space to function as they move from side to side. They are suitable for homes that lack swing space as they tuck into the wall or sides when opening. Sliding gates are perfect for any type of premises and are easily automated, giving your home an elegant but secure look.

Swing Gates

Swing gates are quiet, smooth and the most traditional style found everywhere. While swing gates are appealing but need a lot of space to open. Automating swing gates includes adding an electronic motor and operating it by remote control or keypad. They are durable& provide an elegant entrance.

Automatic Gates

All gates can be automated. You need a skilled technician, a gate, and an operating system that opens or closes it. These gates secure and control access to and from an area. While automatic gates are usually outside at the main entrance points, they are also located inside some facilities to prevent strangers from straying beyond their boundaries.


Do you have a special or unique gate design in mind? You are at the right place. At National Operations Network, we have welders, electricians, and iron benders that twist and bend metal or other material to bring your gate to life. We have been shaping iron for a long time and have a catalogue of our work to show clients what to expect from us. Additionally, all fabricated gates are easily automated with a large warranty span..

Services we offer


Do you need a new gate, upgrades, or changes for residential and commercial properties?

We install gates of all sizes and materials, including custom-built gates, wrought iron, wood, vinyl, and aluminium.


Most automation systems are out in the cold & battered by the elements. Our gate maintenance service includes periodic inspections for functionality and damage to the gate and the motor itself. If your gate has problems before our routine checks, do not hesitate to contact us immediately. We do not want you to be stranded or the gate destroyed.

Repair services

Gates will develop faults with constant use, but you do not have to worry. Our skilled technicians have the expertise to repair both gates and automation systems.

We can repair broken parts or replace the entire unit.

Automation Gate Openers

We are stocked with top-brand gate openers for all types of gates at affordable prices.

How can we help?

Automating your gate with the National Operations Network is pretty simple.

  • Call or schedule a meeting.
  • We will discuss the process and choose a gate if the service is for installation or the problems with repairs and maintenance.
  • Choose an appropriate time to start work
  • Deliver beyond expectation
  • Done

Whether you own an automated gate or are looking to install one, we have the team, tools, and technical expertise to ensure it comes off perfectly.

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