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Are You Ready for Superior CCTV Systems

You have no doubt realised that CCTV systems are no longer the low-resolution, black and white images that offer very little information but have progressed to high-definition, full-colour video backed by artificial intelligence. You probably also know that a quality CCTV installation surpasses a traditional security system in its overall effectiveness in ensuring a safe environment. So let’s explore how we can assist in protecting both your home and your business with the best solution.

What To Expect From A Premium Security Camera Installation

It is always best to have a security camera system installed by a reputable and experienced technician because then you know everything works, and your warranties are not compromised. An installation of a modern system will offer you any or all of the following features, in addition to accurate HD resolution images:

  • Behavioural detection and analysis. The processor analyses the images captured by multiple cameras, and advanced algorithms process the information. The system can then notify security guards or household members about any suspicious activity that is detected and requires immediate investigation.
  • Mobile access. The days of a dedicated control room as the only means to view the incoming feed from security cameras are gone for good. Modern systems work on an Internet protocol (IP) network,. It has the additional benefit that the video stream can be sent to an off-site monitoring station through the Internet network. You can also view the feed from each camera on a mobile phone, which means that homeowners can check on the security of their premises.
  • Face recognition and access control. The algorithms processing the images can also incorporate the advanced face recognition of persons visiting the business or house. In this way, it is easy to implement access control, allowing only certain employees to pass beyond predefined points as monitored by the security system. The CCTV systems for a business can also log the facial features of visitors for possible future reference should an incident occur that requires tracing suspected individuals.

The Benefits of Business Security Cameras With Behavioural Analysis

We have already lightly touched on the subject of behavioural analysis and detecting, and because this is, in essence, the greatest feature of modern CCTV installations, we shall now explore the benefits in more depth. In a nutshell, this feature utilises advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning to enable the monitoring computer to analyse and interpret the live images from the various cameras.

  • Suspicious behaviour. Wrongdoers invariably fail to conceal their intentions through one aspect: their cautious behaviour before committing the crime. For example, a camera monitoring an outside gate or door mostly ignores pedestrian traffic due to its normality. However, a single individual who loiters at the entrance constantly looking around will arouse the  suspicion and trigger an investigation event. The same principle applies when an employee inside a warehouse constantly looks around and fidgets with boxes here and there. Plus, this monitoring is coupled with the following feature of modern surveillance systems.
  • Demarcation of zones. The processor can be instructed to recognise boundaries within the optical view of a camera or an array of cameras monitoring the same area. It is a particularly responsive feature for home CCTV security as it allows for the establishment of zones, like the usual route from the bedrooms to the toilets or refrigerator. At the same time, any activity in other zones will dispatch an alert notification.
  • People and object recognition. This ability probably has to be the single biggest reason to install a modern CCTV system in your house or business premises. The processor is taught to recognise  approved people and should anyone else arrive,, the event is only flagged and monitored.

What You Can Expect From National Operations Network

You can expect the very best standard of work from us. Since we only use the best brands of cameras, cabling, and monitoring hardware, you can also expect our security camera installations to work hassle-free for many years. Contracting us for new and existing installations will net you the following benefits:

  • Our industry experience ensures that we can recommend and install the correct system or units for your specific application, without going overkill in specifications..
  • We offer extensive maintenance services on all our installations, and third-party installations that pass our rigorous quality inspection. This service includes routine checks for moisture build-up, cleaning the protective glass, upgrading firmware, and ensuring that the system still fulfils its original requirements.
  • We do the certification and compliance checks required for industries that must adhere to stringent national and state regulations regarding their security monitoring capabilities, like hotels and gaming venues. A home CCTV installation can also benefit from this certification, as it could lower your insurance premiums.
  • And finally, we will decommission and remove any old surveillance installations, responsibly disposing of the equipment.

National Operations Network is a trusted provider of security services in Traralgon, Victoria. We offer static guarding, crowd control, and roaming patrols, in addition to the installation and maintenance of alarm and CCTV systems. Contact us if you are interested in a free assessment of your security needs for a safe future.

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