CCTV Service

World Standard quality CCTV installations providing you with the best possible footage to suit your security needs

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) surveillance has changed a great deal in recent years. Gone are the days of blurred footage on surveillance cameras. Your new crisp 6mp recordings will both represent colour better and help identify major defining features of any potential criminals.

Recent quality improvements in the CCTV industry have seen a paradigm shift from traditional HD-TVI systems to IP (Internet Protocol) systems due to the price of IP systems becoming more competitive. When you compare the advantages of IP systems you’ll see more technical features and benefits for your security surveillance needs.


  • System identification
  • Security advice (Placement, Product selection, System design/requirements)
  • Supply & Installation
  • Configure – Network Infrastructure & CCTV system
  • Software integration – Standalone
  • Smart features; line crossing, intrusion detection notifications & facial recognition/detection
  • Vulnerability & Penetration testing, Wiring faults, System faults
  • Maintenance including decommission & Disposal of systems
  • Certification and compliance checks
  • Wireless linking – Networks – for CCTV and Network point to point/access router.
  • Accredited Security Lease providers (Loan Equipment)
  • Solar CCTV – Standalone system or Network linked
  • Portable CCTV trailer

  1. Face Detection: Your network camera can accurately detect human faces, capture facial images, or trigger an alarm.
  2. Intrusion detection is a behavior analysis function. If a person enters and loiters in a pre-defined virtual region of your premises, the camera will automatically detect the event and can trigger alarms or recording if pre-configured. Intrusion detection is extremely beneficial for defined area protection.
  3. Line Crossing detection is one of the behavior detection features. If a person crosses a pre-defined virtual line on your premises, the camera will automatically detect the event and can trigger alarms or recording if pre-configured to do so.
  4. Motion Detection, if there is any motion in the configured detection area, the camera will automatically detect the event and can trigger pre-configured alarms or recording. Users can set sensitivity level, detection area, and arming schedule accordingly.
  5. Object Removal Detection is one of the behavior analysis detections. If objects are removed from a pre-defined region, such as exhibits on display, the camera will automatically detect the event and can trigger alarms or recording if pre-configured.
  6. Privacy mask is used to block or mask certain areas of a scene from viewing and recording to protect privacy.
  7. People Counting. Cameras with the people counting function are usually installed vertically to the entrance gate of hotels, supermarkets, museums, etc. The number of people that enter and exit the room can be counted and displayed on the screen in real time.
  8. Smart IR The improved Smart IR function adjusts the IR (Infrared) strength to have better visibility depending on specific requirements. Smart IR is usually used to solve the problem of IR over-exposure in close shots.
  9. Smart Playback. Smart Playback provides an easy way to go through less important information quickly. In Smart Playback mode, the system will analyze the video containing the motion or VCA (Video Content Analytics) information. The video with motion or VCA will be played at normal speed while the one without motion or VCA information will be played at up to 16-times speed. The Smart Playback rules and areas are configurable.
  10. Smart Tracking function is an innovative technology for PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) dome cameras, which can enhance the effectiveness of the video surveillance system. In surveillance scenes where the occasional presence of people or vehicles require special attention (e.g., bank vaults, hotel corridors, parking garages, etc.), smart tracking can be used to detect moving objects and follow their movements until they’re out of view.