Victorian Crowd Control Register


  • Durable – This security incident logbook is built to last. The front cover is thicker and has sturdy cardboard back. Paper used throughout the book is thicker than standard paper to ensure the long life of the pages and increase resistance to stains or liquid as much as possible.


  • Ergonomic Fit  – This security Log Book has large spaces for details to be filled in and hints/advice on how to complete the book. Reminder to re-order at page 80 to assist with prompting to re-order before running out.


  • Plenty of Writing Space – This security Incident Log Book contains pertinent information. It leaves room for necessary information such as the details of every incident in which a person is injured, or removed from a public place by the crowd controller. This information is crucial for anyone working in the security industry and a good security book will have ample room for that information.


  • Safe and Secure – This security Incident Log Book for Security Officers was made to do the job of community safety. Security companies use this each time they undertake security work to sign on and off to ensure they remain compliant and document working/incidents.


  • Unique – There really is no Victorian Crowd Control Register like this crowd controller register available. However, the ones that are available tend to use thinner paper inside, paper front and back covers, and usually only spinal bound, therefore easy to tear pages out.

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Victorian Crowd Control Register, Security Incident Log Book, Crowd Controller Register for Security Industry and Security Officers



This Victorian Crowd Control Register is a unique security Incident Log Book.

It was designed and manufactured in Australia, setting it apart from many other crowd controller registers on the market.

The design of this security provider register is specifically made for this purpose. The unique design gives style but also a sense of security.



There are not many crowd controller registers made with as much care and attention to detail as this Victorian Crowd Control Register is.

This security provider register is bound with quality paper and leather to ensure that every note that gets taken into account is written on quality, thick paper that is durable and practical.

Also thick paper makes this security book resistant to stains or liquid spills. The spine is stapled and taped to ensure the long life of the book.


As a security firm, the top priority in the security industry is to keep a level head on Crowd Control.

A well-working security Log Book makes this job for Security Officers a bit easier.

The design of the logbook makes it easy for the crowd controller to sign in and do their job with more efficiency to keep the community safe.


✔ If you’re looking for a Victorian Crowd Control Register that does not compromise quality and security, then this is the security Incident Log Book for you.

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