Kris Lewin

Accounts Manager

As a business owner, I’m committed to providing the community, other businesses & residential properties the security items, devices & services to ensure they are comfortable living the life they want.

I understand that every situation is different, therefore I invest the time to understand each individual’s needs & concerns to ensure we implement the correct security and safety measures to achieve the desired outcome.

My passion is creating conversations with stakeholders to educate & discover security concerns. We are then able to provide solutions & have these concerns disappear.

Since starting my working career, I’ve had a strong work ethic. Working for a global giant Wurth full time for 7 years & working within the Nightclub/Pub scene during this time for additional income.

Over the years incidents had occurred which made me realize how important investment into security really is, which is overlooked & undermined.

This made me want to advocate and initiate a change of mindset towards security services (Physical & Electronic)

This is when “National Operations Network” was launched, a Security Company with a difference

We are focused on our client’s experience.

‘I believe that everyone is entitled to feel safe & secure, wherever they go’.