GPS Tracking Supply and Installation

GPS Tracking (Global Positioning System)

GPS devices open up a World of possibilities of keeping track of your tangible valuables.

Asset Tracking – Locate and Protect Your Valuable Assets:

  • Movement: Data such as movement and use of assets can be the difference between a profitable and effective use of assets and not.
  • Geofencing: Knowing exactly where your fleet is at any given time.

Vehicle Tracking

  • Authorized use of vehicles, optimum use of routes and efficient deployment of fleet units

Utlization of Assets

  • Tracking to get the best and most efficient use of assets for you and your organization

Theft Recovery

  • Insurance helps but getting your asset back in the fastest manner possible is what matters to you and your business

Every Asset

We have every asset covered
  • Fleet and Management Vehicles
  • Equipment
  • Containers
  • Trailers
  • Tools
  • Pallets and Returnables
  • Indoor Asset Tracking

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