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What is home security and how it helps!

Home is what you make it, and with that are all your prized possessions and memories, plus a place of feeling secure and safe. Imagine though, coming home to see that everything had been cleared out of your house, or that had at least been ransacked, or in the middle of the night, you’ve had an uninvited guest whilst you were sleeping! It can really feel like your personal space and sanctuary has been violated and you no longer feel secure about your own home. This is where home security can provide peace of mind and reassurance for you and your family.

What is home security?

Home security is different forms of practices and products that aim to keep your home safe and secure and keep intruders out of your home. Locks on your doors & windows, sensor lights, and CCTV and alarm systems are all apart of making up your home’s security.

How home security can help you?

The main benefits of installing a home security system are:

  • Deter unwanted intruders from trying to enter your house
  • Scare off an intruder if they do break into your home
  • Limit the time intruders are in your home
  • Protect your family and prized possessions
  • Will give you peace of mind when you’re not home
  • May reduce insurance premiums
  • Check-in on pets and family members

What are CCTV and Alarm Systems?

CCTV systems are video camera’s that are installed around the house so that you are able to record and view your premises any time of the day or night via either a computer or mobile phone device. Features like Face Detection, Intrusion Detections, Line Crossing Detection, Motion Detection, Object Removal Detection, Privacy Mask, Smart IR (Infrared), Smart Playback and Smart Tracking Function, let you see it all from anywhere in the world and know when something is happening at your home when it shouldn’t be. 

Intruder Alarm Systems have the main control panel connected to sensor devices like motion detectors or door sensors. Motion detectors detect and moving objects in the house when the system is turned on or armed and the house is vacant. Door sensors are made up of two parts, which form a circuit when kept parallel to each other. 

When the alarm system is armed if any motion is detected or circuits are broken it will trigger the alarm. Warning the intruder the have been detected, alerting the nearby residents and alert the monitoring service or your phone via an app.

Having both CCTV and Alarm systems give you the most protection as both systems operate in two different ways. It’s always best to seek professional advice on which system is best suited to your situation.

How do you install CCTV and Alarm systems?

To install your CCTV and/or Alarm System you can DIY or contact us, National Operations Network. We will quote, install and educate you on how to best use your newly installed security system. So you can feel safe & secure about your home and loved ones and items in it when you’re not there.

For a no-obligation fixed price quote, contact us here or call 1300 857 539.