National Operations Network Security Guard at Event

Keep your next event fun and safe for everyone!

Event Security, a necessity so everyone has a good time.

Are you organising your next event? Have you thought about what you’ll do about security and crowd control?

Security is not just something that is used at festivals or large concerts. It keeps your guests and staff safe at any type of event. Using professional security management will ensure that the risk of damage to the venue will be diminished, keeping event profits in your pocket. 

How much security you’ll need comes down to the type of event your planning including details such as time of the event and estimated crowd numbers.

A great place to start is a crowd management plan. Here at National Operations Network, we specialise in assisting you in creating effective plans to be executed. A crowd management plan requires thinking about: 

  • Crowd numbers: what is the estimated amount for your event?
  • Staffing: is there enough to keep queues down at food & beverage, merchandise tents
  • Toilet blocks: making sure there is enough of these not to keep people waiting
  • Evacuation procedure: in case there is an emergency
  • Signage: so guests & staff can find their way around the event.

So how many security do you require for your event? Well, a rough guide is 1 security guard for every 100 guests at your event. This can vary depending on the type of crowd, for example, you’re hosting a small business trade show compared to a large music festival where alcohol is available.

And what type of security is needed? Do you just need some at the gates, checking bags and then just keeping an eye on proceedings or do you also have areas that are off-limits to guests, or maybe you need extra for the Band or Keynote Speaker. Planning this beforehand will allow you to have the right amount of security at your event. 

And lastly, don’t forget about bag checks! Having a bag checking station reduces the risk of guests bringing in unwanted items such as weapons, glass bottles, alcohol etc that can affect the enjoyment of your event for others.

So regardless of the size of your next event, you are now aware of the importance that security brings to your event running smoothly as possible. 

National Operations Network has been running security for events large and small for over 10 years. If you’d like to talk to us about how we can help you with your event, contact us for a no-obligation fixed price quote, or call 1300 857 539.