Business Security CCTV System

Business Security and how it can help!

Your business is what keeps this world moving. Whether you are selling flowers, storage space, have a multi-national company or just work from home, they play a big part in our lives, offering different products and services. 

Imagine your store/office is broken into, with the perpetrators getting away with cash and valuable items, including sensitive information. To much time and effort is put in for you to lose your hard-earned profits to shoplifters, burglars or vandals. 

This is where having a business security system can provide peace of mind and reassurance for you and your staff.

What is business security?

Business security is various forms of practices and products that aim to keep your business safe and secure and keep intruders out. Locks on your doors & windows, sensor lights, and CCTV systems, Access control, GPS tracking and Alarm systems are all apart of making up your business’s security.

How can business security help you?

The main benefits of installing a business security system are:

  • Protect your staff and business assets
  • Scare off an intruder if they do break into your business
  • Prevent unwanted intruders from trying to enter your business
  • Curb the time offenders are in your business
  • Give you peace of mind when you are not at work.
  • Check-in on staff for safety
  • May reduce insurance premiums.

What are CCTV and Alarm Systems, and how do they help?

CCTV systems are video cameras installed around the business so that you can record and view your business premises any time of the day or night via either a computer or mobile phone device. Features like; Face Detection, Intrusion Detections, Line Crossing Detection, Motion Detection, Object Removal Detection, Privacy Mask, Smart IR (Infrared), Smart Playback and Smart Tracking Function, let you see it all from anywhere in the world and know when something is happening at your business when it shouldn’t be. 

Intruder Alarm Systems have the main control panel connected to sensor devices like motion detectors or door sensors. Motion detectors detect and moving objects in the building when the system is turned on or armed, and the business is vacant. Door sensors are made up of two parts, which form a circuit when kept parallel to each other. 

When the alarm system is armed, if any motion is detected or circuits are broken, it will trigger the alarm, warning the intruder the have been detected and alert the monitoring service or your phone via an app.

What is GPS Tracking and Access Control?

GPS Tracking (Global Positioning System) enables you to keep track of your valuable business assets. Assets that can be protected using GPS Tracking are; 

  • Fleet Management
  • Equipment
  • Containers
  • Trailers
  • Tools
  • Pallets and Returnables 
  • Indoor Asset Tracking

Not only does GPS Tracking offer better security of your assets for theft recovery, but it can also help with running your business. Including knowing where your fleet is with movement and geofencing to keep customers informed of delivery times and to get the best and most efficient use of your assets and organisation.

Access Control, for you, is a security technique in which access is regulated utilising granting or restricting access to certain areas of your property. This gives you the power to say who, what and where employees, contractors and visitors go via pin codes, swipe cards or biometric scanners. 

Some main reasons for using Access Control are:

  • Granting and restricting access to different personal
  • Monitoring clock on/off times
  • Increased Security
  • No more lost keys
  • No undetected or unwanted persons in areas they should not be
  • Reduce employee theft/increase employee accountability

Do I need everything to protect my business?

Having CCTV, Alarm systems, Access Control and GPS Tracking gives your business the most protection, as all systems operate differently. It’s always best to seek professional advice on which system is best suited to your situation.

If you’d like further information on protecting your business and employees better, contact us, National Operations Network, to quote, install and educate you on how to best use your newly installed security system. 

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